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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Polish up for Spring

It’s that time of year again- the hope of summer’s rays loom on the horizon but there’s always the chance winter might threaten with one last freeze. This makes things difficult when it comes to spring shopping. My heart wants the bright blues, corals and pinks that light up the resort-esque store windows, but my body is pale pale pale (thanks to giving up tanning beds a couple of years ago) and trying on clothes in this state is more depressing than the thought of pulling out my parka one last time.  I went to get my nails done with a girlfriend a couple of days ago when I had an epiphany while looking for a nail polish color. Instead of seeing nail polish, I saw an alternative way to ease my reflective body into a spring wardrobe! Rows and rows of lavender, bubble gum pink, sandy beige… colors I would love to drape on my body in the form of clothes (maybe a tunic?) but since now is not yet the time, I will satiate my warm weather wardrobe cravings with nail polish until my body is summer wardrobe worthy.