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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Loving Wang, Leopard and Wedges

photo: Frederike Helwig

I just finished reading the recent article on Alexander Wang in the spring fashion issue of New York magazine and what's not to love? He embraces his young age of 27 but doesn’t feel age should define success, is known to dance wherever he is in the world all night long while spending his days building his multi-million dollar fashion empire and he calls DVF and Anna Wintour his “fairy godmother’s.” Most importantly, he is adamant about offering luxury fashion pieces at a broad price range that appeals to both the workingwoman and women of the socialite set. Last summer, I was dying to have the Alexander Wang
  “alla” peep-toe wedge mules in leopard but couldn’t bring myself to drop a little over half a grand on a pair of leopard shoes (even though I really wish I could).

When I really want something but can’t justify buying it I always tell myself that  I will wait a week before making a decision. If during that week I can't stop thinking about that particular item and start noticing gaps in my wardrobe without it (which of course didn't exist until the moment I realized I "had to have" that item I just saw), then I tell myself that I must buy it. I know this is borderline unhealthy but I promise it does work, at least sometimes. In the case of the Wang wedges, I have waited almost an entire year and I still really really want them- which means one thing, I need to own them.  While trying to find a pair of the last season wedges online, I found an almost identical pair by Steve Madden. With a price tag of  $149.95, I am definitely pre-ordering!

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