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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sunday- Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

I'm not sure if it was overcoming my first day's naivety, the celebrity sightings or simply the fact that I was able to experience my first ever DVF show but I absolutely loved Sunday at fashion week. Before heading over to Lincoln Center that morning I stopped by Rockefeller Plaza, 30 Rock and H&M which meant I didn't arrive until around 11:00, about the time the Tory Burch crowd started filing into the show. I was at the Maybelline booth's charging station (my iPhone was only on 10%) and discovered it was a great spot to people watch as celebs and other attendees of Tory Burch's show walked right past the counter on the way to the entrance. I looked at all of the people around me who were shamelessly snapping photographs and I whispered to someone close by "I feel like i'm at an exclusive zoo and these are all animals, preening around on display without cages,"  (I apologize if this is offensive- but to be fair, some people were in leopard).  I decided to join in with the rest of the crowd and start snapping away, capturing Kirsten Dunst, Kanye West and his entourage, Kelly Rutherford (aka Lily Van Der Woodsen) and the neon heels, leopard clutches, head wraps, long dresses, floppy hats, fur coats, etc. of the fashion week crowd.

After the show was over I walked over to Circa, which sponsors a different designer each day. On Sunday the featured designer was Tory Burch, so after her show she went to Circa and mixed and mingled with friends and fans. While I was at Circa (trying to get shots of Tory) my mom was at the cafe in the adjoining room having lunch with a buyer for DVF in Hong Kong. As I walked back over to the cafe to tell my mom that Tory Burch (her idol) was in the next room, she handed me an invitation to DVF (my idol) a gift from the DVF buyer! As the show was about to start I quickly headed over to the line-up for DVF. After the doors were open we walked into the theater with two rows of chairs lined up back to back in the center of the runway. As the theater quickly filled in and people started settling into their assigned seats I noticed a lot of commotion surrounding a particular blond in the front row. Using my limited French vocabulary, I did my best to decipher what the French journalist next to me was saying while pointing to the blond and then the words Diane Sawyer came out of her mouth, two words I didn't need a translation for. After a delayed entrance by Fergie and a few other notables, the lights went down and the upbeat music started playing. I was entranced from the beginning by the black silk gaucho jumpsuit and cabellero hat. I also loved the ensembles that included pieces like a long teal fur vest over a matching teal blouse and pants. Her signature wrap dresses in red and blue sequins "wrapped" up the show. DVF and her creative director Yvan Mispelaere walked the runway to the applause of the audience with outfits adorned in heart pins in honor of Valentine's Day. After the show, I remember thinking that I needed to own every single item displayed on the runway, down to the round sequin sunglasses- that's how incredible it was. 
After DVF we decided to take a break and grab dinner down the street before heading back for the final show of the night, Zang Toi, which was to go on at 9 pm. When we arrived back for Zang Toi, the Lincoln Center was packed yet again with photographer's, celebs and people everywhere mingling around. We lined up for the show and stepped into a small theater illuminated by a bright white runway which reflected off of the lenses of the hundreds of photographers packed onto the stadium seating at the end of the runway. From beginning to end, there was no lag in drama, starting off with a cloaked camel ball-gown and ending with Real Housewive's of NYC Jill Zarin in Zang Toi's final look (a $30,000 black silk gazar strapless ball gown, with nude beads and lace encrusted with Swarovski crystals). Without a break in applause, model after model sauntered down the runway in looks that drew exclamations and standing ovations from the crowd. I felt as if I were witnessing a church service dedicated to fashion in which the details in the clothes were the object of worship. Reminiscing about Zang Toi after the show, I thought to myself that sometimes a little bit of drama isn't so bad.   

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